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Drill - 3084 with number cropped.jpg
These three are examples of the large collection of artifacts Fred Luce and his family found at the Haverhill Trotting Park, right in his backyard where they had a commercial plant nursery. Overall, there were at least 800 artifacts found there.

Gun flint, possible - 2603 with number.jpg
This is evidence of possible contact with Europeans.

Clay pipe - 2301 with number.jpg
From the Cole Site in Merrimack, Massachusetts. Clay and stone pipes and pipe fragments are frequently found in other areas, but seem to be rare here.

Arrowhead - 4301.jpg
One "arrowhead" from the Philbrick-Day Collection. The enclosed note states that it was found on the Hannah Duston Farm in a post hole. This is carefully boxed and labelled, indicating that it was considered a significant find for the collection.

Ground stone - 1735 side 1.jpg
Ground stone found in Massachusetts.

Nodular flint - 4306 reverse.jpg
Fragment of Nodular Flint from Groveland, part of the Day-Philbrick Collection. Flint was a valuable resource for tool-making.

Drills - 251, 505, and 506 with numbers.jpg
Drills from Groveland Camps. Woodworking tools, perhaps for drilling wood or bone.

Gorgets - 215 and 216 with numbers.jpg
Two gorgets from Groveland Camps. Archeologists are not certain of the purpose of gorgets, but based on the size and shape, along with the drill holes, these were likely worn around the neck, perhaps ceremonial or to signify status.

Gouge - 199 with number.jpg
From the Parker Collection. Woodworking tool.

Steatite - 212 reverse.jpg
Two steatite (soapstone) fragments from the Parker Collection at Groveland Camps. Steatite, or soapstone, was carved into bowls or other objects.
4320 is from the Day-Philbrick Collection. Location Unknown.
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