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Stone bead - 1065 with number.jpg
Stone Bead found at the Jewett site. Very small and carefully made.

Photo - Mortar stone - No 1.jpg
Thera's handwriting is on the back describing the location. "Mortars", or "corn mills", were used to grind wild grain, as well as maize or corn. There were a number of "mortars" on the Buttonwoods property, and most were found in the Haverhill area.…

Gorgets and Pendants - 5586, 5587, and 5798 with numbers.jpg
Gorgets and Pendant from the Walker Camps. Archeologists are not certain of the purpose of gorgets, but based on the size and shape, along with the drill holes, these were likely worn around the neck, perhpas ceremonial or to signify status.

Map - Ward-Hill Mass.jpg
Map of Ward-Hill area. Fred Luce drew many maps of areas and sites where he collected.

Watercolor - Spoffords Fire Pit No. 2.jpg
Watercolors by Fred Luce showing two fire pits at the Spofford site. Fred Luce attended art school as a young man, these watercolors of a fire pit he excavated show his skill. He often drew artifacts, either from the collection of the Haverhill…

Drawing - Pot Sherds.jpg
Drawings by Fred Luce of items from the collection of Phillip Hamilton Martino. In these drawings we have a grooved axe, pot sherds, and a banner stone.

Pot sherds (rim) - 2901 square crop.jpg
Ceramics from Pentucket Lake Site. 150 sherds in all, each numbered 1901. Probably from the same area, maybe from the same vessel. These are undecorated.
There are many ceramic sherds in the collection, most very small. Pot sherds provide…

Spear points - 1588 and 1591 with numbers square crop.jpg
Two large "spears" from a "cache" of five at Shattuck Farm in Andover.
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