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Frederick Alanson Luce Exhibit Frederick Alanson Luce (Fred Luce) was an early avocational archaeologist active in the early 20th century. Unlike many avocational archaeologists who simply went out collecting Native American artifacts from plowed…

Photo - Shell heap, Thera Luce, and Fred Luce - 2009.242.021.001.jpg
Picture of Fred and Thera Luce excavating a shell heap in Welfleet, Massachusetts, July, 1916.

Plummets - 204, 1595, unknown with numbers.jpg
204 is from the Parker Collection, 1595 is from Shattuck Farm, third unknown. These are plummets. The collection includes a number of plummets of all sizes, used to weigh down fishing nets. We can guess that fishing was an important food source given…

Obsidian blade - shaped face square crop.jpg
Origin unknown.

Copper point - 5588 square crop.jpg
Copper Points from the Walker Camp. Copper artifacts were rare in this collection.

Spear points - 1588 and 1591 with numbers square crop.jpg
Two large "spears" from a "cache" of five at Shattuck Farm in Andover.

Pot sherds (rim) - 2901 square crop.jpg
Ceramics from Pentucket Lake Site. 150 sherds in all, each numbered 1901. Probably from the same area, maybe from the same vessel. These are undecorated.
There are many ceramic sherds in the collection, most very small. Pot sherds provide…

Drawing - Pot Sherds.jpg
Drawings by Fred Luce of items from the collection of Phillip Hamilton Martino. In these drawings we have a grooved axe, pot sherds, and a banner stone.

Watercolor - Spoffords Fire Pit No. 2.jpg
Watercolors by Fred Luce showing two fire pits at the Spofford site. Fred Luce attended art school as a young man, these watercolors of a fire pit he excavated show his skill. He often drew artifacts, either from the collection of the Haverhill…
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